Congratulations—you have made it through another winter and March is officially in full swing. What else does the month of March mean to you? Is it the blooming of fresh flowers and the return of vibrant green grass? Is it planning ahead for the spring and summer getaways that lie ahead for you and your family? Or maybe it’s the fact that baseball season is up-to-bat to start up again!
No matter what the highlight of your month is, there is one event that comes every month like clockwork: the annual NCAA tournament. Every March, the country’s best in college basketball compete to be the very best and for their place in history. And every March, countless fans gather to cheer on their favorite teams and to witness the finest in skill, athleticism, and grace.
For those of you who can’t snag a ticket to see a game in person, we’ve got you covered! The next best thing is stopping by Cujo’s Sports Bar & Grill for a front row seat to the NCAA tournament action! We have plenty of specials for all basketball fans to enjoy while you settle in and watch every exciting moment.  Be sure to enjoy these offerings, what we affectionately call “Cujo’s Madness”, all throughout the month of March.
First, we have our starting lineup. Enjoy BOTTOMLESS Chips and Salsa for only $3.00, and Chips and queso for only $5.00! You can also save $3.00 on our Three Point Play—normally $11.00, enjoy chips, salsa, queso, and guacamole for only $8.00 during the NCAA tournament! And if you thought THAT was a good deal-we are just getting started! Boneless wings are only $0.79 cents each on gameday.
Our MVP menu options are sure to satisfy both your wallet and stomach now through April 3rd. Enjoy our mouthwatering Hall of Fame Burger or our Chicken Fried Steak for only $7.00,  or even a single topping pizza for only $6.00! It doesn’t get much better than that!
Feeling thirsty? We figured? Why not try a domestic mug for only $1.25, a frozen margarita mug for $3.00, or a fireball shot for $3.00. The possibilities are truly astounding here at Cujo’s on game days.
Big games equal big appetites and deals. That’s why Cujo’s is your headquarters for this March’s NCAA tournament—from our exceptional food and drink offerings to our unbeatable atmosphere, there is nowhere better to cheer on your favorite college teams. We are located at 5811 4th Street in the heart of Lubbock, and we are open to serve you seven days a week starting at 11:00 a.m!