Searching for a job at times can feel hopeless. Why won’t anyone call back?! Luckily, restaurants like Cujo’s Sports Bar & Grill can always use more help – whether you’re a host, a server, a busser, a line cook, or a manager. Are there any skills that you obtain in a restaurant that you can apply to a future career? The answer is a resounding yes! Take a look:

  1. Multi-tasking is an admirable trait. Table 4 needs a refill, table 9 hasn’t been greeted yet, table 2 needs their food to go out… When working in the food industry, you quickly learn to juggle many tasks. These skills will stick, and can help in a career when juggling clients or tasks.
  2. Customers don’t always understand that the waitress had nothing to do with the undercooked steak. Situations like these are a learning experience on how to not only how please these people but how to do it with a smile.
  3. When a server is late or absent, the servers present are the ones who suffer. You struggle to keep up with your own work, now you are covering for someone else too. This teaches employees first-hand how badly things go when they don’t show up for work.
  4. Working in such a fast-paced, fun environment will lead to quick friendships. While working, you learn to look out for one another. If your section is nearly empty and the host is swamped, you might offer to help. You quickly find that everything is easier when working together.

Cujo’s Sports Bar & Grill is currently hiring all positions. Cujo’s has interactive games, pool, over 40 TV’s, and one of the best collections of sports memorabilia in Texas. No experience is needed; we will train the right person. We look for applicants who are go-getters, hard-working, and fun! Stop by Cujo’s Sports Bar & Grill in Lubbock 5811 4th Street.

Interested in applying? Stop by and ask for our general manager, Rudy Portales, who works Monday through Friday. Visit our website, like us on Facebook, or give us all call at (806) 791-2622 for more information.