Lubbock Backs Luke:

Last July, 9-year old Luke Siegel was involved in a golf cart mishap and suffered severe head trauma.  It was a tragedy felt throughout the Lubbock community.  In an effort to support this family in need, a fundraiser was started for those wishing to make a monetary donation.  During this one-week fundraiser, Luke Siegel’s family was able to raise over $40,000.  Here at Cujo’s Sports Bar & Grill, we were honored to donate a $5000 check to this local cause.

Lupus Awareness Month:

This isn’t the first time Curtis Jordan has been involved in fundraisers and benefits in the local Lubbock area.  May is Lupus Awareness Month and Cujo’s Sports Bar & Grill has raised thousands of dollars to help grow the understanding of this disease and the Lupus Foundation of America.  Curtis Jordan’s son, Matthew, contracted Lupus approximately 2 years ago and is currently managing this lifelong battle.  Because of this personal connection to the disease, Curtis Jordan has made strides to support Lupus and further educate the community.  The month of May was an opportunity for Cujo’s Sports Bar & Grill to sell wristbands, shirts and donate a portion of sales for the month.

Curtis Jordan is locally born and raised in the Lubbock area and goes by the nickname of Cujo.  Starting on the local Lubbock Monterey High School football team and moving on to Texas Tech University, Curtis Jordan played defense as a safety and went on to play in the NFL for 11 seasons.  Playing for the Washington Redskins, he appeared in Super Bowl two separate times.  Next time you’re in Cujo’s Sports Bar & Grill, stop in and say hi to Cujo!
In addition to our fundraising efforts, Cujo’s is also the ultimate sports bar for incredible food, drinks and fun.  Owner Curtis Jordan loves giving back to the community in any way possible from amazing food to fundraising for local causes.  To learn more about our restaurant, browse our website!